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JC Raulston Arboretum Internship 2013

20130801-105759.jpgThe first week of the internship we learned how to take cuttings and propagate plants

20130801-105851.jpgWe got to visit Plant Delights and got a tour from Tony Avent

20130801-105903.jpgRecently finished planters built by Beth Jimenez and Amelia Lane were filled and placed in the roof garden

20130801-105908.jpgThen we added the plants and created the bog planter (not pictured)

20130801-105933.jpgThe volunteers helped us put in plants in the Annual Trials

20130801-105949.jpgWe ripped out the lawn of the White Garden with a sod cutter

20130801-110002.jpgWe laid crush-n-run on the monocot garden paths in preparation for the Chapel Hill gravel that was later put on top of it

20130801-110017.jpgWe amended the soil of the monocot garden. Tim went nuts on the roto-tiller

20130801-110027.jpgMoore Farms’ interns, Dave and Katie, helped us dig and fill a dry well

20130801-110125.jpgThe newly mulched monocot garden

20130801-110132.jpgThe Moore Farms interns also helped us dig and fill a storm water channel for one of the most wet areas of the garden

20130801-110141.jpgWe got to visit Moore Farms in Lake City, SC

20130801-110205.jpgOne of the ponds at Moore Farms, used for its beauty and irrigation purposes

20130801-110216.jpgHere is Ben finishing up the mounds we created near the pedestrian entrance. We also put in retaining walls for visual effect

20130801-110237.jpgHere is the new path which lets out in the fantasy garden! Lizzi plans to plant it later this fall, so keep an eye out for new plants

Hypertufa Troughs


Budding landscape architect and plantswoman, Ginny, came up with an elegant arrangement for the new Hypertufa Troughs that the the North American Rock Garden Society grant allowed the arboretum to purchase. Everyone worked on mixing the media solution that Tim came up with, and filling and planting the troughs. Here Jeremy is mulching the nearly finished troughs with gravel.

Here is Tim’s magic formula for trough mix: 5 parts compost, 2 Permatill, 1 bark mulch and 1 soil. – Don

Baby Amorphophalli


Tony Avent graciously hosted most of the arboretum staff and and interns for an afternoon at Plant Delights.  Here are some baby Amorphophalli that we saw.  This species is one of Tom’s favorites.  That’s Tom’s arm in the picture.  The young phalli are already red with excitement.  Tony also donated a slew of plants suitable for the new troughs that will adorn the roof garden.

Thanks for everything, Tony! – Don

First Rainy Workday of the Summer

We tried to keep up with Tim as he lead us around the Arboretum so we could take cuttings (Tim wouldn’t let us take Aesculus chinensis since it won’t root). We did get to take cuttings from Callicarpa japonica ‘Shiji Murasaki’, Deutzia parviflora, Stachyurus ‘Carolina Parakeet’, Eucomis ‘Sparkling Burgandy’ and plenty of Salvia. Despite the rain, we enjoyed wandering around the gardens and choosing our favorite plants to propagate. We spent the afternoon potting seedlings and learning about the filemaker computer program.