Hypertufa Troughs


Budding landscape architect and plantswoman, Ginny, came up with an elegant arrangement for the new Hypertufa Troughs that the the North American Rock Garden Society grant allowed the arboretum to purchase. Everyone worked on mixing the media solution that Tim came up with, and filling and planting the troughs. Here Jeremy is mulching the nearly finished troughs with gravel.

Here is Tim’s magic formula for trough mix: 5 parts compost, 2 Permatill, 1 bark mulch and 1 soil. – Don


5 thoughts on “Hypertufa Troughs

    1. sdrawded Post author

      Oh no, its not just for conifers… we planted all kinds of rock garden plants in it…
      come take a look…


  1. holcombstudio

    Hello – thanks for the beautiful troughs for us to enjoy. You mentioned posting a list of hypertufa recipes. I’m not finding the list. I’d love to access it whenever available. Thanks.



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