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JC Raulston Arboretum Internship 2013

20130801-105759.jpgThe first week of the internship we learned how to take cuttings and propagate plants

20130801-105851.jpgWe got to visit Plant Delights and got a tour from Tony Avent

20130801-105903.jpgRecently finished planters built by Beth Jimenez and Amelia Lane were filled and placed in the roof garden

20130801-105908.jpgThen we added the plants and created the bog planter (not pictured)

20130801-105933.jpgThe volunteers helped us put in plants in the Annual Trials

20130801-105949.jpgWe ripped out the lawn of the White Garden with a sod cutter

20130801-110002.jpgWe laid crush-n-run on the monocot garden paths in preparation for the Chapel Hill gravel that was later put on top of it

20130801-110017.jpgWe amended the soil of the monocot garden. Tim went nuts on the roto-tiller

20130801-110027.jpgMoore Farms’ interns, Dave and Katie, helped us dig and fill a dry well

20130801-110125.jpgThe newly mulched monocot garden

20130801-110132.jpgThe Moore Farms interns also helped us dig and fill a storm water channel for one of the most wet areas of the garden

20130801-110141.jpgWe got to visit Moore Farms in Lake City, SC

20130801-110205.jpgOne of the ponds at Moore Farms, used for its beauty and irrigation purposes

20130801-110216.jpgHere is Ben finishing up the mounds we created near the pedestrian entrance. We also put in retaining walls for visual effect

20130801-110237.jpgHere is the new path which lets out in the fantasy garden! Lizzi plans to plant it later this fall, so keep an eye out for new plants