What’s Growing On – Plant Sales!

The new JCRA Plant Buggy for onsite sales.

The new JCRA Plant Buggy for onsite sales.

Our visitors and members have been asking for this for years and we’ve finally taken the plunge.  We now have plants for sale every day of the week on our plant sale buggy outside the Bobby Wilder Visitor Center.  All sales are cash or check only with most plants only costing $5 and a few larger things going for $10.  Plant selection changes regularly and we are offering everything from shade tree seedlings to herbaceous perennials with generally about 5-10 different plants available at any one time.

Our crack horticulture team is constantly bringing out new items as they are ready so there is no online list of plants.  Please do not contact us to find out what is available at any particular time as the selection is too fluid for office staff to keep track.  Bring correct change as well, we have limited or no ability to break bills.

You spoke and we listened.  Now there’s one more reason to visit the JC Raulston Arboretum on a regular basis.

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